Commercial Floor Coating Contractor

Floor coating applies a protective layer to the surface of a floor, usually for protection against wear and tear. The most common type of commercial flooring that needs to be protected is hardwood floors, but other types of flooring can also benefit from this treatment.

We have been in this business for a long, and we have grown steadily over the years. We have had many clients who have used us as their sole source for all their business flooring needs. We offer free estimates on all our work. Thus, you will not pay any hidden fees or charges. Our goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price.

The first step in any commercial floor coating project is determining what finish you want on your floor. There are many different finishes available, including:

  • Oil-based – This is the traditional method used by professional floor coatings contractors. It’s durable and easy to apply, but it requires more maintenance than other methods.
  • Water-based – Water-based products are less expensive than oil-based products, but they do not have as much longevity. They will last longer if properly maintained.
  • Epoxy – Epoxies are water-based products with added chemicals that make them highly durable. They are ideal for use on wood or concrete floors.
  • Vinyl – These products are made of vinyl plastic sheets applied over existing flooring. They are inexpensive and easy to install but tend to crack easily.
  • Paint – Paint is an excellent choice for interior surfaces such as walls and ceilings. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. However, paint tends to chip and peel off surfaces, so it is best suited for indoor stores.

Several factors are considered when selecting any commercial floor coating product

1. Durability – How long will the finished floor last? Will it need to be replaced after a few months? If so, how often should it be reapplied to your store?
2. Maintenance – What is required to keep the floor looking good? Is there a lot of cleaning involved? Do you have to clean spills immediately on your commercial property?
3. Cost – How much will the floor coating cost? Are there additional costs associated with installation in your store?
4. Appearance – Does the final look match its surroundings? Can it be matched to another color scheme?
5. Application – How difficult is the application process? Is it messy? Is it time-consuming?

Floor coating in commercial properties is done in the following process

1. Pre-treatment
This is where we apply a sealer or primer to the subfloor (the area below the finished floor). This will help protect the wood from moisture and stains. It also helps to make it easier to clean up spills.2. Application
Once the pre-treatment is complete, we then apply the finish coat. This is the final step in the process. Our finishes range from oil-based to water-based, depending on your preference.

3. Cleanup
After completing the job, we remove any excess material with a vacuum cleaner. Then we use an industrial-strength cleaning solution to remove any remaining residue. Finally, we put down a new pad under the old one.

4. Protection
Once everything is cleaned up, you’ll notice that the floor looks much better. Some people say they don’t even know anything is wrong with it!

5. Maintenance
The best way to maintain your floor is by using a quality product. It would help if you always looked for products that contain UV inhibitors so that the finish lasts longer. If you do not want to go through the hassle of the maintenance yourself, you may consider hiring a professional company like ours to take care of it for you.

The benefits of floor coating your store are

1. Resistant to scratches
The finish protects against scratching and scuffing. Also, it can withstand heavy traffic without cracking or peeling. This is due to its high density, which makes it more resistant than other types of floor coverings.2. Prevents staining of the floor
Floors are prone to getting stained because of the oils in our feet. These oils come off onto the floor when we walk on the floor. Once they dry out, they leave behind a stain. Floors coated with a good finish will prevent this from happening.

3. It Makes the floor more durable
In a humid environment, you must protect your floor from moisture . Water causes the wood to expand and contract, which leads to warping and cracking. Covering the floor with a finish makes it less likely to warp and crack.

4. Improves the appearance of the floor
A well-applied finish gives the floor a beautiful shine. It also hides imperfections such as nail holes and cracks. Which also improves its overall appearance.

5. Reduces noise levels
When you walk across the floor, you create sound waves. These sound waves travel through the floor and cause vibrations. As a result, the floor vibrates and creates noise. With a good finish, the beat is reduced, making the floor quieter.

6. Easy to clean
You can wipe away dirt and grime with a damp cloth. You don’t need to worry about getting rid of spots because the finish has built-in stain resistance.

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