Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Waterproofing Contractor

Proper lighting is essential for any home. It is important to maintain balance between personality and the functionality of the room when it comes to lighting the living room. One can transform the entire atmosphere of their living room within the proper use of lighting. One should remember that lighting not only has aesthetic and mood enhancing values, but play an important functional role in illuminating important task areas in the living room.

With the hot, humid climate in Fort Lauderdale, water damage is not that unusual. However, you can prevent the damage by hiring a waterproofing professional who will identify possible threat areas and recommend a fast, economical, and durable way to keep your business safe.

That protects you and your employees from water and mold-related health issues, improves the integrity of your business building, and maintains its value if you want to sell it. However, before you hire a waterproofing expert, there are things you should know to ensure you get the services you want.

Signs of water damage
This is the first thing you need to identify before contacting your Fort Lauderdale waterproofing contractor. Water damage spreads fast and can cause irreparable damage within a short time if not taken care of. Identifying the signs early will make the waterproofing process fast and helps you mitigate the damage before it spreads. Here are signs to look out for.

  • Peeling and flaking paint
  • Swollen or soft drywall
  • Dark and wet spots
  • Wrapped walls
  • Mold on the walls or floors
  • A musty and stuffy smell
  • Sound of running water
  • Water puddles
  • Rust on tools and appliances

What to look for in a contractor

There are many waterproofing contractors in Fort Lauderdale. This makes the process of getting the best tedious and lengthy. Here are the things you should know about your contractor before hiring them.


Ensure you know whether the contractors received relevant education and training to offer the services you seek. You should also ensure the business is licensed and insured. A license shows they have complied with all the state, regional, and county laws. It also makes it easier to find the company on BBB and evaluate its reputation.

The business should have liability insurance to cover any damages or injuries at your business premises during work. They should also have worker’s compensation insurance to show that they compensate their employees fairly for their work and in case of injuries.

At Rainbow painting RPR Group Inc., we have all the updated permits, licenses, and insurance needed to offer credible services while keeping our employees and clients safe.


Ask how long they have been operational, when they last had a client with similar needs as you, what their biggest project was, and what they do in case clients are unsatisfied. You should also ask for a portfolio showing pictures or videos of their past projects.

You can also ask to speak to some of their previous clients to see what they have to say about the company. If they hesitate to offer client details, that should be a red flag.

We have served Fort Lauderdale for many years and have helped numerous clients with different projects. Therefore, we are equipped to handle any issues, no matter the size.

Customer reviews

Look for customer ratings and comments about the business on reputable sites like BBB, Yelp, Best pick reports, and Angie’s List. Check the negative to positive reviews ratio and determine what most people complain about. Another essential thing to check is how the contractor replies to criticism. Good companies value bad and good customer reviews and strive to use that to improve their services.


Reputable contractors usually offer a detailed contract outlining the project scope, payment time and mode, and timeline. Ensure you ask for clarification about any clause you don’t understand, and keep your copy safe.

What to expect

Before calling a waterproofing contractor, you should know what services to expect from them. You should first know whether they service the interior, exterior, or both. Even after telling them the water damage signs you have seen, a reputable company should conduct a thorough inspection of the home.

This allows them to identify other issues you might not have seen, the source of the water, and the best way to seal it and prevent future occurrences. They should also walk you through all these issues and explain why they chose their preferred action plan.

At Rainbow painting RPR Group Inc., we use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to help determine the source of the water damage and all affected areas without damaging your home. Some of the techniques and tools waterproofing companies use include stairwell and window well drains, driveway drains, French drains, downspouts, waterproofing membranes, sump pumps, and erosion control.

Another thing you should expect from the contractors is a project timeline. This helps you plan and ensure everything is set for them to work comfortably. They should also give you a detailed price estimate and walk you through all the costs.

Sometimes, you might experience additional costs besides repairing or replacing the damaged things. This depends on the extent of the water damage and what caused it. Some additional charges may include electrical work, new plumbing installation, painting, drywall replacement, and new flooring installation.

Knowing what to expect before you hire a waterproofing contractor will save you a lot of money and ensure you get the best services. For the best waterproofing services in Fort Lauderdale, call or email Rainbow painting RPR Group Inc.