Textured ceilings are very popular and our technicians are experienced at applying them. It’s often helpful to add a texture to your ceiling to hide any imperfections and it can also add freshness and uniqueness to your home.

Before adding the ceiling, there are a few things to consider such as the difference between ceilings in the bathroom, where there is more moisture, and the kitchen, where there is more grease exposure. An experienced technician will be to make sure the applied texture will stick to the surface despite any of these risks.

Some textured ceilings, like popcorn ceilings, are also becoming unpopular. Many people are having them removed and our skilled technicians can also help you with that. This can be a very messy process and we make sure to cover everything prior to the removal so nothing is damaged in the process. Sometimes you will encounter asbestos or lead so it is always a good thing to have an experienced technician on hand to handle any exposure.

Contact our offices today to learn more about popcorn ceiling removal or to add a new texture to your ceiling.