Waterproofing your home or business in Fort Lauderdale is a good idea and a great investment. Water damage, which is inevitable over time in our hot, humid climate, will lead to a host of problems for building structures as their original sealants wear away.

Dark, discolored areas and moldy, mildewy odors are some of the telltale signs of water damage. Crumbling, cracking, dry rot, and corrosion can also result over time. All of these conditions can seriously threaten the structural integrity of a building. This can spell disaster during hurricanes, tropical storms or other extreme Florida weather.

Water damage can also negatively affect the resale value of a home or business building.

Preventing this damage before it occurs is much less expensive, and generally less painful, than having to repair it after the fact.

Waterproofing your home or business allows you to protect and seal the surfaces of your home that keep it from getting damaged by moisture in the first place. After the exterior surface seal is worn away, the raw materials begin to be damaged by the South Florida weather. These materials can start to slowly fall apart after being subjected to the effects of moisture over a period of time.

Even interior areas like textured finishes can become susceptible to the moisture that is permeating your home on a daily basis. After a while, these areas start to peel or have to be repaired or removed if there is too much damage.

This type of repair work can get very expensive quickly. It is much more cost effective to protect your outside surfaces with weatherproofing before your roof and the interior of your home can be affected by moisture damage.

Experts often recommend waterproofing to ensure that buildings remain structurally sound and free of dangerous molds. Waterproofing is considered to be a valuable home repair with an excellent return on investment, especially in an area like South Florida.

Waterproofing can add years to your home’s lifespan, especially when you face the amount of humidity that we do every day in Fort Lauderdale. It’s important to seal and caulk your surface materials to make sure they will last.

By having your home or business professionally waterproofed, you can ensure that the job is done completely and done well. Quality professional waterproofing will help give you the overall finish that will last for years to come.

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